Why You Should Accept The Job That Offers You ₦70,000 After NYSC

Why You Should Accept The Job That Offers You ₦70,000 After NYSC- Worldjobtrends

The end of the compulsory National Youth Service Corps program is usually the beginning of employment struggle for most Nigerian graduates.

The graduates’ struggle to get a job in Nigeria is underscored by the high rate of unemployment in the country.

According to the statistics attributed to the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the youth unemployment rate in Nigeria increased in the third quarter of 2017 to 33.10%. This percentage represents the highest ever in the country.

Despite this figure, Nigerian tertiary institutions churn out graduates every year, the same way the NYSC releases graduates into the labour market after serving the country for one year.

As these graduates get into the labour market, they face the hash reality of unemployment waiting for them. While some are lucky to get a job immediately after their NYSC experience, many others  have no choice but to wait a little longer before they land a job.

However, in the face of this struggle, some graduates, considering their certificates and the skills they’ve acquired over the years may be prompted to reject certain job if the offer is not juicy enough.

For instance, some graduates might reject a job that promises to pay them less than N70,000.  After all, some companies start with 150K and above for their starters.

But check around, how many organizations in Nigeria pay their starters more than N120,000 apart from oil companies?

There is nothing wrong to think a certain amount is too small for you as a starter, but starting with N70,000 is not so bad given the economic and employment realities of the country.

If the organization that offers you N70k is based in Lagos, you might think the pay is very ridiculous when you consider transportation and other expenses.

However, that job could be the stepping stone you need to launch your career. If you do not have any alternative, don’t despise it, take it and use it as a platform to gain the experience you’ll need in an organization that will pay you N300,000 when the time comes. Just take it!

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