Why Is It Difficult To Find A Job For Yourself?

Why Is It Difficult To Find A Job For Yourself?

Today, we would be discussing why it is difficult to find a job for yourself.

Finding a job and not getting one is annoying but there are reasons behind it like more job seekers with fewer jobs,employers looking for the best candidates and at times the problem might be you,maybe your application was not complete,you didn’t target your resume or you did not qualify for the job.

Kindly read through this piece to see the reasons why it is difficult to find a job for yourself.

So Why Is It Difficult To Find A Job For Yourself?

1. You Did Not Target Your Cover Letter.

One reason why you didn’t get that job for yourself is because your cover letter was not targeted,maybe you didn’t make it clear that you have the skills and knowledge to get the job done.

2. Less jobs,More Seekers.

Finding a job for yourself is hard because there are less jobs with more job seekers who also wants to occupy that position. Employers would want to go for the best of the best which at the end of the day you might not be selected.

3. You Have No Connection.

One of the reasons why you can’t find a job for yourself is having no connection. In case you don’t know a referral provides you a better chance of been hired by an employer.

4. You Are Not Following Up Your Application.

Another reason you find it difficult to get a job for yourself is when you don’t follow up your application. You apply for a job and then sit back and wait for weeks without following up with the hiring manager.

4. Employers Search For The Best Candidate.

It is difficult to find a job for yourself because there are many high skilled professionals that wants the job which normally they wouldn’t take. So employers goes for the best of them.

5. You Have No Clear Direction

If you don’t have a clear direction on what you want like paying attention to the job spec,having the required skills and experience then getting a job for yourself will be hard.

6. External recruiters who “serve” candidates are incentivized to neglect the majority of applicants.

Co-Founder and CEO at Edvo  Shireen Jaffer on Quota says;

The majority of candidates think it’s a great idea to use external recruiters because the services are free. What they don’t realize is that these recruiters are incentivized to serve a very specific group of people in a very systematic way.

External recruiters make money by successfully filling a job opening for a company. Once the role is filled, the company typically pays the recruiter 20-30% of the annual salary of the person they hire. Of course, this commission incentivizes external recruiters to work with senior-level candidates. And they have two main motivations for doing so:

Recruiters make a lot more money off a senior candidate who lands a $200,000 salary than an entry-level candidate (the majority) who snags a $50,000 salary.
It’s easier to place senior candidates that already have a great resume and applicable experience.
Unfortunately, this means external recruiters give extra attention to experienced, senior candidates while the less experienced candidates, who really need help, end up being ghosted and left to fend for themselves for months on end.

And when recruiters flake out, many candidates turn to what they perceive as the next best option—job boards.


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