Jobs to Get Without College Education

Jobs to Get Without College Education

Have you ever seen a sign that says something like “Help Wanted: Immediate Hire”? Jobs in this category are often advertised that way. They tend to be easy to get since the companies offering them need to quickly fill open positions, even if that means hiring people without experience. In a lot of cases, all it takes to land a job of this type is a good attitude, friendly demeanor, and strong work ethic. Plus, taking an entry-level job can be a great way to get your foot in the door and start building your career. You can learn and grow within the company or eventually go to a trade school, college, or university in order to enhance your job prospects. Whatever direction you decide to go in, here are a few of the easiest jobs to get hired for when you don’t have much (or any) post-secondary training or work experience:

1. Construction Laborer—$22K to $63K+

Opportunities are widely available with companies that build roads, homes, or other structures. Plus, skilled tradespeople (such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and brick masons) often need helpers for fairly routine tasks.

  • Job growth—12 percent
  • Average yearly job openings—145,300
  • Typical qualifications—On-the-job training or construction technology training

2. Customer Service Representative—$21K to $54K+

Service jobs are regularly advertised by call centers, retail stores, banks, insurance agencies, and healthcare companies. Plus, a growing number of companies now hire virtual representatives to help online customers, which means you may have the chance to work from home.

  • Average yearly job openings—373,500
  • Typical qualifications—On-the-job training

3. Office Clerk$20K to $52K+

As long as you are friendly and have basic computer skills, you can get this kind of job. Openings are consistently available within the business, government, education, and healthcare sectors.

  • Average yearly job openings—356,200
  • Typical qualifications—On-the-job training

4. Landscaping or Groundskeeping Worker—$20K to $43K+

Do you have a good attitude? Are you up for some physical labor? This kind of job may seem like only a summer gig, but it’s possible to work year-round. (In the winter months, you can remove snow and ice from residential and commercial properties.)

  • Job growth—11 percent
  • Average yearly job openings—163,000
  • Typical qualifications—On-the-job training

5. Security Guard—$20K to $48K+

Are you a responsible person? Can you pass a background check? Many security positions can be obtained without experience. However, a short program in criminal justice can improve your prospects.

  • Average yearly job openings—157,500
  • Typical qualifications—On-the-job training

6. Restaurant Cook—$19K to $36K+

Kitchen positions are often easy jobs to get hired for if you’re motivated, enthusiastic, and have a little cooking experience (or the ability to learn quickly). Plus, they can be great starting points if you want to become a head chef or own a restaurant someday.

  • Job growth—12 percent
  • Average yearly job openings—195,300
  • Typical qualifications—On-the-job training

7. Retail Salesperson—$18K to $41K+

Is this the easiest job to get? Quite possibly. A lot of retail employers are very willing to hire inexperienced people because of the high volume of workers they consistently require.

  • Average yearly job openings—670,300
  • Typical qualifications—On-the-job training

8. Bartender—$17K to $42K+

Do you enjoy interacting with diverse groups of people? If you already know how to mix drinks, then this can be an easy job to get. Some establishments are also willing to teach bartending skills to inexperienced people who show focus and enthusiasm.

  • Average yearly job openings—102,300
  • Typical qualifications—On-the-job training

9. Cashier—$17K to $29K+

Are you friendly and trustworthy? Retail outlets of every variety are always on the lookout for people to work the tills.

  • Average yearly job openings—653,700
  • Typical qualifications—On-the-job training

10. Server—$17K to $40K+

Here’s why food serving is one of the easiest jobs to get into right now: Most restaurants have a lot of employee turnover, especially in this position. And the restaurant industry collectively employs about 10 percent of the entire U.S. workforce.

  • Average yearly job openings—522,700
  • Typical qualifications—On-the-job training.


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