How To Prepare For A Job Interview

How To Prepare For A Job Interview

To ace any job interview, preparing for it is all you have to do.

Job interview can be intimidating, but taking your time to prepare for it will make you secure the job.

For you to stand out among other candidates, worldjobtrends has researched some tips to help you ace your interview and land your dream job.


#1. Know About The Company

When preparing for a job interview, knowing the company of your dream is necessary.

Employers would like to know if their candidate know about the company they are working on.

Also knowing about the company’s role, product and services and company’s culture will help you answer any question about the company and also ask your interviewer about the company.


#2. Survey The Job

It is important you survey the job before the interview as it may give you little perception about the questions which the interviewer might ask.

As you survey the job, know what the company is looking for in you.

It is also necessary for you to know the job description because sometimes job titles differ from companies.

Mary Ellen Appel said, “Job seekers should take a thorough look at the job description, sometimes job titles can vary from company to company and it’s important the job seeker know what the job entails.” 


#3. Practice Interview Questions And Answers

Interview questions like can you tell me about yourself, why should we hire you, what are your weaknesses, why are you leaving your current job, why do you like your present job, what are your salary expectations? These questions are always asked by interviewers.

Take your time to prepare the answers of these questions so that if asked by the interviewer you would be bold to answer.

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#4. Your Dressing Matters

First impression matters a lot.  Make sure you dress smartly and according to the company’s culture because the way you dress will be the first judgement your interviewer will make.


#5. Learn Interview Etiquette

You should learn interview etiquettes like sitting straight during the interview, shaking hands firmly, paying attention and making eye contact will make good impression on your interviewer.


#6. Get To Know The Direction Of The Interview

Job interview can be intensely distressing when you don’t know your interview venue. It is better to leave before time as it will make your employer feel bad about your first impression when you arrive late.


#7. Get Advice From Recruiters

Getting advice from recruiters will help you go a long way because recruiters review a lot of résumés and also interview a lot of candidate.


#8. Have Hard Copies Of Your Résumé

During interview your interviewer(s) might want to use hard copies of résumé to discuss your work history as the interviewer(s) might not have access to it. It is better to have more than 2 résumés with you as it shows you are ready.


#9. Pay Attention

It is important to pay attention during interview so you would be able to give a good answer.

Pay good attention to the interviewer so that you can frame a good response.


#10. Remember To Follow Up With A Thank You Message

After the interview remember to follow up your interviewer with a thank you message.

Thank them for their time and also thank them for giving you the  opportunity.

When writing the message, include why you want the job, your qualifications etc.

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