Teaching English in South Korea with CIEE will give you the chance to explore a country that embraces both a modern and traditional way of life. With CIEE’s 150 hour TEFL certification included and 24/7 support when you arrive in country, you’ll be ready to take on the challenge of teaching! Apply now!

Program Highlights

CIEE Teach in South Korea places flexible and enthusiastic individuals in established, trusted, private English language immersion schools in and around Seoul, South Korea for year-long teaching positions. By teaching in South Korea, you will immerse yourself in a nation with a strong national identity and you will come to learn about the value of self reliance that has driven South Korea to become one of the leading economic centers of Asia.

* Pre-departure school placement at reputable institution on a 12-month program, teaching mostly young children

* CIEE 150 hour TEFL course included in our regular program

* Two-day cultural orientation in Seoul

* Support from professional CIEE staff before you depart for South Korea and in-country support from CIEE resident Teach in South Korea Coordinator throughout the program

* South Korea visa assistance and advice

* Salary of 2 million to 2.7 million Won/month

* Additionally, you can expect a:

– Potential attendance bonus (scaled bonus based on attendance and fulfillment of all contract terms)

– Pension and severance pay upon successful completion of contract (usually equal to one to two months pay)

* Upgrade – Pre-departure TEFL certification

* Teaching and program guides to help you plan and prepare

* Modern housing with basic amenities included as part of compensation for the duration of teaching contract

* Airfare included (reimbursed or pre-paid by your school in Korea – half up front, half upon completion of contract)

* Korean-national medical insurance benefits as well as International travel insurance and 24 hour worldwide assistance provided through the CIEE iNext travel card

* School levels: Primary

* School locations: Urban, suburban

* Typical teaching load: 26.25 classroom hours weekly (plus additional 10 hours planning time)

* Contracts: 12 months: beginning any month according to demand.


       Program Details

Location: South Korea, Seoul

Costs in USD: Contact Provider for Cost Details

Experience Required: No

Salary & Compensation: A salary of 2.0 million to 2.7 million Won per month + bonuses, a very good income if need to pay off student loans and save money for travel!

Application Procedures: 

Letters of Reference


Written Application

Participation Guidelines: American

Language Skills Required: English


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