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Tangent Solutions maintains a portfolio of tech companies in a variety of areas including healthcare, outsourcing, managed services, productized services, and SaaS. You can read more about us here at

For this particular position, we are filling a dual role at and JHMG is an agency that focuses on building SaaS businesses for mid-sized businesses and entrepreneurs. is a productized services company focusing on diagnostic imaging facilities worldwide. This company provides digital marketing services to those companies.

The Role

This role will be responsible for maintaining and growing incoming sales for and will assist with JH Media Group clients as needed.

Required skills include:

  • Google Adwords experience
  • Social Media Marketing experience
  • Client management experience
  • Content Writing
  • Team player

The position will lead to a lot of opportunities. We will provide training in digital marketing to expand upon your skills, you’ll be able to help guide the direction of the business as well as work with other companies.

This role will start as a part-time contractor position to start. The hope is after an initial period of training and seeing how we work together that this role will turn into a full-time position with lots of autonomy and high growth.

What’s it like working with us?

  1. We are an amazing and supportive team to work with.
  2. We really know what we’re doing.
  3. We all go to Medellin Colombia each year for the winter.
  4. The company encourages team members to travel the world.
  5. We are a fully remote company.
  6. Our team members come first, then our clients.


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