Clerk At Hairy Yeti Construction, CA

We offer one-on-one training, at your own pace, on the job.
Begin with a few hours a day, at a minimum of 20 hours a week.

If you want full-time, you can increase your hours

as you gain new skills and experience.

Get a raise when you finish your initial training.

Merit raises, full benefits, and an annual bonus are available,

Plus advanced training for excellence on the job!

Varied daily duties include data entry, processing payments,

generating insurance authorizations, setting-up appointments,

filing insurance claims, and general multi-tasking.

Learn billing and diagnosis codes, work with prescriptions and contact lens orders.

Customer service skills are essential!

You must be energetic and enthusiastic.

You must pay attention to details and double check yourself for any mistakes.

You must be friendly and caring to our Patients.

You must be helpful and co-operative with your co-workers.

Professional appearance and telephone skills are essential.

Just Submit your resume. No Calls . When we Review your Resume, we will get back to you.

Salary: $48,000 a year


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