If you’ve ever been laid off or fired,then you may have come across these signs.

There is a time in a person’s life when a job loss, whether through company dismisses or action caused by the person which leads to dismiss occur.

Here are 7 obvious signs that you may loose your job soon:

When you start to see these signs then know that you might loose your job any moment from then

1.When Your Work Has Been Given To Someone Else:

Certified career coach Cheryl E. Says that,”If you find that tasks that were formerly assigned to you have been reassigned to another employee, it could be a sign that management plans to lay you off,”

It doesn’t look good if someone else is handling his or her own task and yours too.

2.Everything Has Changed

If a company is doing well and the emoluments are high,there would be no need to change the way it operates. But if suddenly every process is changed and the business strategy shifts, it could be a sign your company is in danger and dismiss is forthcoming.

3.You Don’t Like Your Job

If you don’t like your job it shows you are not getting along with anyone in the office,you hate your superiors and you always complain about duties.

4.Your Fellow Workers Are Avoiding You

If you find that your fellow workers are gradually avoiding you,then an inspection of reasons may be in order.”

5.Your Attention Is No Longer Needed At Important Meetings

When dismissal is near, managers see little advantage to having you present in meetings.

The more distance, the better–and since they know you’ll soon be gone, they want information to stay private.

6.Minor Offences Are Unnoticed

Have you noticed that getting to work a few minutes late is no longer an issue?  You might have noticed that no one disturbs you when you forgot to do a task that would normally land you in trouble. No, your company has not lowered its standards. They probably just don’t see any reason to disturb you because very soon you would be gone.

7.Other Friends In The Company Are Loosing Their Job

If many of your friends with similar positions in similar industries have lost their jobs, maybe you should be worried about yours too.

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