10 Top Common Interview Questions And Answers

10 Top Common Interview Questions And Answers

In this article, we would be discussing the top common interview questions and answers.

Are you ready for an interview? Immeasurable questions are asked by the hiring manger or the interviewer. The prominent thing you should remember when answering interview questions is making all your answers brief and straight to the point. Don’t rush any question you are asked by an interviewer, relax,calm down and think before you give out an answer.

Take time to read through this interview questions and answers and ace your next interview.


Question: Can You Tell Me About Yourself?

Every interviewer would want to know who you are,to know why you will suit the job. This question looks simple but many people fail to prepare for it not knowing it is critical.

Start out by giving out your career history,qualifications and range of skills. Make sure you don’t give all your complete personal or employment history instead  emphasize those skills relevant to the job on offer.


Question: What Is Your Greatest Strength?

This is one of the common question interviewers ask to know if you are suitable for the job. Your strength is something they need therefore share qualities and personal attributes.

Make sure you discuss your main strengths and not discussing what you think the interviewer wants to hear.


Question: What Is Your Greatest Weakness?

This is another common question an interviewer will always ask. Both the interviewer and the candidate knows that this question is a trap.

Don’t say you have no weaknesses as this may lead to further problems instead identify a professional weakness that could also be considered to be a strength and the steps you have taken to battle it.


Question: Why Should We Hire You?

Interviewers ask the question to know of you are the best candidate for the job and if you have all the qualifications needed.

When answering this questions you need to make clear what you have to offer and also discuss how you meet the criteria they are looking for.


Question: Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?

 Many reasons will make you leave your current job. The employer would like to know why you want to work in their company.

When answering this question make sure everything you are saying is positive and don’t say anything against the past employer instead express how you are looking for more responsibility,experience,new challenge and changing of environment.


Question: What Are Your Salary Expectations?

This question looks simple but can reduce your chance of getting a job when you overprice or underprice making the interviewer feel you don’t know your worth. The hiring manager wants to know what you expect to earn.

A range might likely come up worldjobtrends recommends the highest number in that range that applies, based on your experience, education, and skills.


Question: Why Do You Like Your Present Job?

This is a very simple question,but when answering this do not over do it.

If you are asked this question, make sure that what you like is in line to the skills required for the job available.


Question: How Do You Deal With Pressure And Stress?

The interviewer wants to know how you can deal with difficult situations and when things don’t go smoothly at work. Don’t admit that you don’t experience stress or pressure instead your answer should be in a way that acknowledges workplace stress and pressure and how you have come over them.


Question: Do You Have Any Question

If you are asked this question your answer should be YES.

This part of the interview allows you to go through subjects that hasn’t been addressed by interviewing the interviewer.

This would help you in case you land the job.


Question: How Did You Hear About This Job

This is another common question asked by interviewers. This is an opportunity to stand out and and show the passion you have for the company.

Share how you heard about the job specifically what drew your attention to the role.

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